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How to use the handicap (index) calculator?

In this video we'll look at the handicap system in Chronogolf. When you sign up on Chronogolf, you have access to a free handicap system. To access it:

  1. Log-in on your profile and click on the "Scores & Index" tab on the left 
  2. You can start with an existing score, or, you can start fresh if you do not. 
  3. Click "Continue" 
  4. You can add scores by clicking on the green "Add New Scores" button
  5. You can then assign a date to the score you are adding
  6. You can add the course where you played. If the course is not there please contact us and we'll add the scorecard. Please provide it our way if you have it.
  7.  Select the starting tees (blue, white, gold, etc) and the type of round (front/back, 18/9 holes)
  8. You can add the total score or the hole-by-hole score based on the full scorecard



  1. Read the FAQ if you are interested in knowing how the handicap is calculated. 
  2. Scores with a blue border around their score box are retained and calculated in your handicap.
  3. If you would like to edit or delete the score, you can click on the "Pen" or "Stop" icon next to your score to do so.
  4. The system will take into account your best 10 games out of the last 20 games you've entered in the handicap system. 
  5. If you have less than 10 scores out of 20 that are showing up, it's most likely because the dates on the games (scores) are wrong. Verify the dates associated with the scores to make sure they are correct. 


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